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Jinyu Tire honored by “High –end Brand Cultivation Enterprise in Shandong Manufacturer ” title


Jinyu Tire honored by “High –end Brand Cultivation Enterprise in Shandong Manufacturer ” title

Quality Month activity of Shandong Province launched in Jinan . The Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau of Shandong province((short as SDQTSB)) released the list of High –end brand cultivation enterprises on the start ceremony , which indicating 20 enterprises located in Jinan ranked in the list ,and Jinan area  make the top rank among the areas .

SDQTSB announced The High-end Brand Cultivation enterprises list ranking 127 enterprises pursuant to local standard of to key fields including energy transition from old to new ,village prosperity , coastal economically strong province construction and so on. The principle for ranking is enterprise apply on its own accord , recommended by local government , third party evaluation , priority cultivation , dynamic management .


All the Manufacturer ranked in the list will enhance quality management , import performance excellence model, strengthen quality and technology basis construction ,make benchmarking with international standard and advanced standard and chasing these standard , take action of quality improvement ,enhance brand cultivation according to requirement of higher quality ,higher benefit ,higher integrity .The government will support all these manufacturers in standard innovation ,quality improvement , quality training , quality management  system upgrade ,brand cultivation and promotion , “Mountain Thaishan Quality ”certification  , and national class laboratory construction , and foster enterprise  with brand well-know ,solid foundation ,higher value ,good reputation . To make more and more Shandong enterprise ranked in the World 500 and China's Most Valuable Brand List is the target both for the manufacturer and government .